Get a MasterCard card way of Payonner (for payout 99design & verify paypali)

MasterCard is one of the credit card (VCC) that is in demand the world other than Visa. MasterCard can be used for online shopping (like in amazone, ebay, DLL) or Offline (like alfamart, Indomart, ETC), verify Paypal account, taking money from directly to MasterCard and Paypal Especially for those of you who do not have such accounts ane hehe, and you can directly take cash at the nearest ATM (with MasterCard) .Pihak Payoneer MasterCard will send to you via post, please empty your time 1menit to get very rich MasterCard benefits free of charge.

    • Scanan / photographed using camera ID card, driver's license, or passport (Choose one)
    •  Email active (Can you open)

      Langkah-langkahnya : 

      isi data Step sampai Step Terakhir sesuai dengan data diri anda (KTP, SIM, atau PASSPORT) -> Lihat di Screenshot
      alamat lengkap(semakin jelas alamat anda,semakin cepat kartucredit sampai dirumah anda)

      (account Information)
      (Personal Verification)

      • Setalah semuanya di isi dengan benar, kemudian klik Finish
      • After that the Payoneer will send an email notification approval. more or less entitled "Message from Payoneer’s Account Approval Department" that asks you to upload scanan ID card, driver's license, or passport in accordance with the earlier you enter.

      Upload scanan ID card, driver's license, or passport appropriate you enter during registration.

      After that pihat Payoneer will review your data2, you are asked to wait 1minggu more to this process, important patient free *-*, 

      I suggest to keep checking email after 1 day to 1 week of more, or less entitled  "Your PayoneerPrepaid Prepaid debit MasterCard card has been approved!" there you will be told the approximate MasterCard card when you come to your home or (It could come sooner or it could be longer,
      depending on the place / location of your)

      If you've come MasterCard, you are prompted to activate MasterCard by following the steps in the letter

      enjoy dah...

      Here's a letter from Payoneer Inc. are directly shipped from New York, United States to my home address.



      1. bener ga nih ? ntar kalo di suruh bayar gimana ??

      2. Masa' sih, ngirimnya pake apa sananya? Berapa hari masa pengiriman rekeningnya? :-)

        1. kira2 1bulanan

          yang penting gratis gan

      3. lumayan nih :D dicoba.. jangan lupa mampir sob

        # :D salam

      4. gan kalau kita udh punya kartukredit gunanya buat apa gan?

      5. Payoneer perasaan kartu debit, gan.
        Bukannya kartu kredit.
        Kan dari sananya kosong, trus mesthi diisi dulu. :)